About the Wolfe’s

IMG_3226Nick and I met in 2009 and started dating at the end of 2010. We were engaged on our 3rd date and married 6 months later. Talk about a crazy love whirlwind, right? 🙂 We moved to Knoxville, TN 1 month after we got married and had no idea the adventure God had in store for us.

God blessed us with a pregnancy almost exactly 1 year after our wedding but 7 weeks into it I miscarried and sweet Patience went to be with Jesus. We prayed for many months for the blessing of children. Eventually, we needed to make a decision for the future after another year of no children.

Instead of pursuing fertility treatments, we decided to start looking into other ways of growing our family. Nick started having a heart for international adoption and after many weeks of praying and surrendering, I decided to lay down my fears and pride and we dove into researching adoption.

The Lord lead us to the adoption agency All God’s Children International and we started the dossier process in September 2014. We didn’t choose Bulgaria as our country, Bulgaria chose us. 🙂 We firmly believe that God has created a child specifically to be OUR child and no one else’s. They just happen to be born in another country and from another set of parents.

In December 2015, God moved us back to Iowa to be closer to family and we are now waiting for the referral call to tell us God has provided us a child from Bulgaria!

This blog is filled with adoption education that we have learned throughout this process, thoughts and feelings that we have never felt before, dreams of a baby we haven’t met yet, and hopefully words that Bebe Wolfe can read someday and know that he/she had a family who loved them even before we knew them.

Please visit the “Beginning Blog Posts” page to read about our adoption journey from the start and if you want to follow us on facebook, click here .You can also see more pictures and how God is using others to help fund our adoption here .

Nick and I give all the glory and honor to our Lord Jesus Christ and know that this adoption would never happen without Him!

*Note: The picture on this page is from the weekend getaway where God laid adoption on both of our hearts and we decided to pursue it. Never be surprised at what God might ask you to do and where you’ll be at the time 🙂