So what now?

After we had made the decision to adopt a baby, the long list of decisions was ahead of us. Where do start? What does an agency do? International or domestic? What on earth is a dossier? We spend the first couple of weeks in prayer to ensure peace about adoption and then it was time to start the researching. I bought all the books I could find by Christian authors and talked to a couple people that I knew had adopted. We also attended a short seminar that week we returned home which explained the difference between domestic and international and was super helpful.

First decision made: International. We quickly learned there were only certain countries that we qualified for and that each agency has specific countries that they have connections with. We couldn’t move forward until we decided what country we felt the Lord lead us to. That was one of the most difficult decision. In my eyes, I didn’t care what country my baby came from, just send one my way! Unfortunately, that’s not the way it works. Because of the qualifications, there were only a couple of countries we were able to choose from and we decided to pursue Colombia. This made it easy to choose the agency since they were the only one who provided this country connection. We contacted the program director and scheduled a phone conversation for more information (the agency was not local). We started getting excited about the Colombia program and found out that there was even a grant specifically for it. We had a great conversation with the program director and found out that most of the children that had been placed were around 7 years old. We were hoping for a baby between 0-3 years old so we were disappointed after hearing this. During the phone call my heart fell because I had started to fall in love with the idea of our baby coming from Colombia.  I think the program director sensed my discouragement but she said something that I’ll never forget. She said most families actually look into one country and if that door closes, it will lead to THE country. She said be flexible and open to where God leads us. She then began to tell us about the Bulgaria program and how it had more of an opportunity to adopt younger children. I was a little skeptical about it since I had heard Eastern Europe countries weren’t usually the more stable programs. We hung up the phone and we were both a little discouraged. We prayed and decided to take the weekend to think everything over. Our options were: 1.Go ahead with Colombia and see where it takes us. 2.Consider the few other countries that we did not currently qualify because of our ages but would by December.3.Check other agencies for countries similar to Colombia.4. Pursue Bulgaria.

It didn’t take long to rule out 1-3 so Bulgaria it was! The next big decision was which agency we would choose. The agency that we had talked to about Colombia wasn’t the only agency that had connections with Bulgaria. I took 2 weeks to weigh the pros and cons of each agency and did a lot of praying of which one to choose. We went back and forth and back and forth…it seemed like both agencies were good fits, which one was for us? I knew that it was important for us to feel 100% peace about the agency we chose because we were going to be working with them for at least 3 years. When we finally made the decision, we were both excited and at peace. We called the program director and let her know we were ready to begin the process.  I think she was just as excited as we were! It was time to begin the application process to be accepted into the program. Nick took the bull by the horns and completely filled out the long and detailed application, complete with pictures of us and our apartment.I was so thankful for his help! It took about 3 days for the agency to process the application and make a decision. We received a call Wednesday, August 13th, with the news that we had been OFFICIALLY accepted into the Bulgaria adoption program! We were ecstatic!!!

A dream of a baby. Either born or unborn at this very moment. In a country we have never been to. A face with unknown features. Maybe boy, maybe girl. A baby who God knows and created just for US. A baby born in my heart, not my belly. A baby.

Someday this little baby will be ours and we will be his/her FOREVER family. All that stands in the way is an ocean,several countries, rules,regulations,governments,hours,days,possibly years, and paperwork. Lots and lots of paperwork 🙂

Next up, first pile of paperwork and scheduling the home study!


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