First stop: paperwork and *trust*

It’s been a little over a month since I last posted and to be honest not much from the adoption side of life has changed. We did have a wonderful conversation via phone with the program director over Labor Day weekend while we were in Iowa. She walked us through the first pile of paperwork (2 copies of each pile see below had to be signed, initialed, and notarized) and answered follow up questions that we had. My wonderful mother-in-law sat in on the conversation and was able to share in on our excited as we learned more about the joy that comes AFTER the stacks of papers. One of the most exciting things we were told was that after the long months of waiting, paperwork, and prayer, and we receive and accept a referral, a staff member travels to the orphanage to meet our baby. The staff member will take pictures and video of our child to send back to us with all of the information known about him/her. I still get excited just thinking about the first glimpse of that little face!!!

photo 1

One important thing the program director told us was that we needed to enjoy the entire adoption process. She said not to dread all of the current information and documents or think about the piles that awaits us down the road. Enjoy each step in the journey that is leading us closer to our child and not to be discouraged when plans change. I’ve really held onto that reminder the last couple of weeks. When I start thinking about the adoption as a whole 2-3 year process, my brain goes into overdrive and I get anxious about the future. Then I start doubting our decision. How can we be really sure that this is God’s plan for us? Wouldn’t it be easier just to wait and see if He gives us biological children? How on earth are we going to go out of the country twice within 6 months? You get the picture. Lots of doubts and questions. This is mostly because, well, you guessed it, I’m a control freak and planner. These downfalls don’t mix well when dealing with many 3rd party people/countries, documents, governments,schedules,etc. I’m saying all of this because the Lord is patiently and graciously prying control out of my hands (or what I may THINK I’m controlling). As a dear friend told me at the beginning of this process, “I think you are going to learn a lot about not being in control and trusting God, this will be good for you!”(Thanks, Kenz, you know me too well and only a faithful friend tells the truth in love. I’m thankful for that!). I think it’s safe to say I’m on the bottom of the “Trust and Wait Patiently” learning mountain getting ready to start the hike to the top. David says it wonderfully: “Wait for the Lord; Be strong and let your heart take courage; Yes, wait for the Lord.” Psalm 27:14

We appreciate your prayers and support as the journey continues and ask that you would pray for our baby W as God prepares all 3 of us to be a family someday!


One thought on “First stop: paperwork and *trust*

  1. Thank you for sharing your heart Beka. I read this with tears of joy at your journey of faith. I am excited to see what The Lord is going to do in both your life and Nick’s. Praying in anticipation of a little one He is preparing for you both to raise up to love and honor Him!


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