Hey, Bulgaria!

ContractsJust a normal white envelope, you say? Not to us! This envelope holds the contracts between us, the government of Bulgaria, and All God’s Children Inc and, as of Wednesday, is on it’s way to Vancouver, Washington! Everything up until this point has been preparation to actually really STARTING the adoption process. As the All God’s Children program director told us a couple of months ago,”Bulgaria doesn’t know you exist yet so they don’t know you want to adopt.”. This is the first big step towards Bulgaria hearing about the Wolfe family from East Tennessee 🙂

We have also started the stack of papers for the home study and our goal is to have that part of the home study finished by Christmas. The required documents include: an autobiography of us ( 2 pages of very specific questions on each of our childhoods, education, how we met, our marriage, and why we want to adopt), employment verification, medical statements,all financial information, birth/marriage certificates, and even criminal background checks–including finger prints for the FBI. Pretty sure by the end of all of this, we will have enough clearance to work at the White House! 🙂 In all honesty, this portion of the process is very time consuming and stressful but when I think about getting that phone call when they found us our baby, I know in my heart it’s worth it. Every detail and document that must be in it’s place in order to continue will be worth it to see pictures of him/her for the very first time. I’ve never been pregnant full term but I’m assuming it compares to doctors appointments, ultrasounds, eating the right foods, and anything that will prepare for the baby’s well being. IT’S ALL WORTH IT in the end. All of the paperwork, frustration, and emotions up until this point and going forward will be worth it to bring our baby home to join our family.

On another note, Nick and I were talking recently about what to call Baby Wolfe until we meet him/her in the future. I google translated some nicknames I thought might be cute but Bulgarian is not an easy language to read or pronounce. We tried “Peanut” but that translated into фъстък and “Little Pumpkin”which translated into Малко тиква. Yeah, we needed something we can actually type out with our English keyboard. After several rounds of “What does this word(s) translate to?”, this not-so-creative couple have decided on бебе, which is Bulgaria for “baby”. 🙂 So, Bebe it is!

Thank you to everyone who has been interested in keeping up with our Adoption adventure and all of the prayers that we feel every day. Your encouragement and thoughtful questions are much appreciated as we continue on the path that the Lord has been leading us down. This blog isn’t about me blabbing on about paperwork and agencies. It’s about God placing a desire on an ordinary couple’s heart to live out His plan, no matter how long it takes and what road blocks we run into. We see barely the first page of this story about how Bebe comes to us and God sees the entire book. Our trust and hope is in Him Who holds that book and gently turns the pages towards the end.

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