Nana Kim

On February 14th, we lost a very important part of our family. Nick’s beautiful mom left us here on earth to spend eternity with her Lord and Savior Jesus. It grieves my heart to know Bebe Wolfe won’t meet Nana Kim and have her in their life. Kim was an incredible wife,mother,mother-in-law,sister,daughter,friend, and overall woman and she is greatly missed. I’m thankful that we have pictures, videos, and stories that we will be able to share with Bebe so that they know Nana Kim’s amazing life. I can’t wait to tell Bebe how Nana Kim welcomed me into her family when I started dating Daddy. How she loved her husband and family well. How she made efforts to show me how to make Daddy’s favorite meals and desserts (she was a great teacher…I was just not a great student…so don’t ask me to make a pie). How she helped me set up my first kitchen as a married woman, even going to the store with me to make sure I had a well stocked pantry. How she shared my love of antiques, chalk paint, a good deal, ice cream, and of course, coffee 🙂 How she loved Daddy so much and was so excited to know we were bringing you into our family. And so,so many other things. Nana Kim, you are missed everyday.

One thought on “Nana Kim

  1. Sweet thoughts Beka. I know you will not let her memory go unnoticed to your little Bebe Wolfe! You have so many special memories to share with Bebe.


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