New blog, new news!!!

Welcome to our new blog! The old posts will still be on but from this update to the moment we go pick up Bebe Wolfe, we will be using this blog address 🙂 The reason? I think the following verse sums it up perfectly: “The name of the Lord is a strong tower;The righteous run to it and are safe.” Proverbs 18:10  Let me explain. June 6th 2015 marks the one year anniversary that Nick and I pushed aside our doubts and decided to follow God’s calling to adopt. Since that date, God has not only brought my to me knees time and again, but also has been my stronghold and Rock. It has been 10 months of ups and downs– emotional stress, doubts, anger, bitterness, excitement, anxiousness, happiness, sadness. In the last 10 months I have learned a couple things. Like what an Apostille is, that looking at what county the notary’s stamp is so that you go to the correct county clerk office(NOW it makes sense), that there really IS a difference in how you are finger printed (TBI wants electronic and of course FBI wants paper), but most importantly, the power of my relationship with my Lord. The Lord has been so faithful through the chaos and frustrations and that moment when I finally stop and think “Ok, I REALLY can’t do this alone”, He is there, waiting for me to run into His arms. Sometimes, I get this image of God at one end of a field with His arms outstretched towards me and me sprinting towards Him to be comforted in His loving arms. So, like I run into God’s arms to be loved, I can’t wait for Bebe to run into our arms to be loved like he/she has never been loved before. Does the name make more sense now? 🙂

Ok, now for the news!!! Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to present: OUR DOSSIERdossier

Nick and I stopped in Nashville to get all of the documents signed/Apostilled on our way to Iowa last week and this is the finished product! We had to make copies of everything and thankfully my parents volunteered their printer so I didn’t have to drag everything to Kinkos (plus, I had a control freak moment and wouldn’t let the documents out of my sight. Hey, you would too if you put the last 6 months of your life into this! 🙂 ) Thanks, Mom and Dad!

Now for even BIGGER news….package

Yup, that’s right! Everything has been put in a box and sent to All God’s Children! WHOA!!!!!!!!!!! RIGHT???? It’s official, other than a couple of other documents and the immigration paperwork, the dossier IS FINISHED. Confession: I had a REALLY hard time handing it over to the lady behind the desk. I was even almost offended when she gave me a weird look. She didn’t understand the blood,sweat,and tears that went into the cargo of that box! That’s ok though, not many people will understand…and I wouldn’t have either unless I had been through it.

In closing, God is so faithful, ya’ll. So, so faithful. “Blessed be God, Who has not turned away my prayer nor His loving-kindness from me.” Psalm 66:20

bag One last picture. This bag belonged to my beautiful mother-in-law,Kim. Even though Kim won’t be able to meet Bebe, this bag is something that she held in her arms just as it held all of the precious adoption documents to bring Bebe home to us. How cool is that???

2 thoughts on “New blog, new news!!!

  1. Great news, thanks for sharing! I am grateful and happy for you guys.
    I love the excitement you share in writing this and all the hard work
    you have given throughout the process is wonderful!
    The pink bag added a special touch, thank you! Love you!


  2. We haven’t done the international adoption side but even the domestic is crazy enough. Keep going cause in the end these crazy days will be behind you and you will be a family of 3.


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