And so the wait begins…

Judging by the title of this post I’m sure you know what’s next. THE LONG WAIT. But before I go into that, I wanted to catch y’all up on life since sending in the dossier.

First, Mother’s Day. This is a difficult holiday for girls like myself who have lost a baby and/or have not been blessed with the opportunity to have children. It’s a big deal to be a mother. A mother typically has more influence on a child than any other person. They are the one who stayed up until the early morning hours to feed/care for you when you were a baby. They are the one who took hours out of her life to read to you, play with you, teach you manners, find your missing shoe, and overall cater to your every need. And how many of us have heard our mom’s complain??? I know from my own experience that I’ve NEVER once heard my mom regret or complain about having 4 children and the choice to stay home with us. I know it wasn’t easy at times with 4 kids running around like crazies, messing up her clean house and producing more laundry than probably necessary. That being said, shout out to my momma, Mary Johnson, for being the example of the mother I will strife to be to Bebe. For my 27 years of life she has been a woman of patience, loving, gentle correction when needed,kindness, lifting up my accomplishments with joyfulness, and most of all, teaching and establishing Biblical truth in my life.  I’m very thankful for you, Mom!  I can also say without a doubt that Mom has been one of my biggest supports and cheerleaders during this journey of adoption. She even had Nick buy me flowers on Mother’s Day from her and my dad because she knows that I’m a mom…but that I just haven’t met my baby yet. Not to be outdone, my amazing husband bought me a bouquet of flowers from him as well and my older sister sent my the sweetest text wishing me a happy Mother’s Day too. I felt included in the celebration of what it is and means to be a mother, thanks to my wonderful family 🙂photo 2 (3) Beautiful roses and tulips from my parents and Nick  ❤

On June 3rd, we celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary. Our anniversary is a big deal to us because it’s the day we committed our lives to each other before God and our families and friends. We have tried to do something really special each year and in the years past, usually go on a short get-a-way. Last year, for instance, we were blessed with the opportunity to get a cabin for a weekend in North Carolina and it was there that we made the prayerful decision to begin the adoption process(you can read more about this on my first couple of posts on This year was a little different, however, but not any less special. Because of the multiple trips we have taken back to visit family the past 4 months, we decided to stay put for this anniversary. Nick went all out on spa gifts, gorgeous flowers,thoughtful card (that even asked me on a date for dinner that evening 🙂 ) and treats/coffee to share with my coworkers. Yes, he hand delivered everything to my work. Um, AMAZING, right???? My most favorite gift of all was a precious journal (shown below) specifically designed for me to write my thoughts, prayers, and letters to Bebe for him/her to read someday. Is he not the very best husband EVER??? I felt blessed beyond words and felt the tickets for the U.S. Men’s soccer game that I had bought for him didn’t even come close to loving gifts he had given me. Well, there’s always next year, I guess…. 🙂 photo 2 (2) photo 1 (2)

OK, as much as I’m sure you are enjoying me being all sappy and sentimental, you probably want an actual update on the adoption. Well, I have one! I received an email on June 3rd from our contact at All God’s Children (she’s amazing by the way and we’ve actually become friends! 🙂 ) and she said she was sending the entire dossier to Bulgaria the next day to be translated! So, as of June 4th, 2015, the package of documents that we had been working on since August is (now) in Bulgaria! Now for the reality: WAITING… and more waiting. How long, you ask? Well, it could be up to 3 years until we get “THE” phone call. But could it be sooner, you ask? Well, yes, it could and yes, we are definitely praying for that but the reality is that everything is out of our hands now. The good news, though? God has proved His hand is over this adoption and we will be matched with a child when He allows it and makes it happen. We will continue to rest in this promise: “And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose.” Romans 8:28  We have obeyed the calling of adoption from Him and followed each regulation,rule, and request set before us. We will now trust Him with the rest and will keep dreaming about our Bebe waiting for us in Bulgaria!

photo 3 (2)

3 thoughts on “And so the wait begins…

  1. Oh Honey, I’m feeling quite BLESSED !!!! You are so sweet. I simply can’t wait to hug & give Nana kisses to BEBE. Continuing to pray for the process to move steadily along. Love you Both so much !!! Mom


  2. I’m so proud of you for sharing more about yourself. You are definitely not a ‘boring couple’ as you put it by any means! You are a couple that I love and that God chose to bless with the journey of adoption. You do so many things for others on a daily basis that represents the motherly heart and gifts that the Lord has and continues to instil in you. I will continue to pray and be here for you so that you can be there for this child that the Lord will provide to you. We have to just continue remembering one very important thing: for nothing will be impossible with God! how awesome is that promise!? I love you Wolfe family!


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