Meet the Wolfe’s

During three separate conversations, it was strongly suggested that I be more personal in my blog posts. My first reaction was, “Are you kidding me? I’ve been giving details of my daily “adoption to-do list”. What is more personal than that?!?” My second reaction was, “Who wants to read about me?!? I am one of the most boring people on the planet!”. While both of those reactions/thoughts might be true, I was told that by getting on a personal level will allow more people to bond with
Bebe and feel more apart of this journey. SO, Aubrie, Bethany, and Lindsay: you asked for it and although you and the audience of this blog may regret it, I’m allowing you to be right for JUST this once, and submitting to your wishes. (Sidenote, I want to thank my sisters and sis-in-law for being bold and loving enough to bring this to my attention, encourage me, and make me swallow my pride to admit they MAY be in the right )

Let’s get to this “getting to know the Wolfe’s” thing. Oh, you thought this was just about me? Heck no, Nick is getting in this action too! Not to mention the special things I have in mind for our amazing family 🙂

First things, first. Let’s play a little game I like to call: 10 RANDOM AND NOT SO INTERESTING THINGS ABOUT US:

1. I will eat almost anything I can out of a mug. I just really like mugs.
2. I have been to Europe twice and my favorite country so far was Italy…although I’m sure Bulgaria will bump it into second place
3. I was on a billboard in Des Moines to promote my college but I looked like an angry 12 year old so I’m pretty sure they lost attendance over that
4. I have a thing for fat birds. Real or fake, they make me happy.
5. I let my (at the time) 14 year old sister cut my bangs…that feeling you get when the hair-cutter says, “uh oh….”.
6. My mom put me in a lil’ tykes gymnastics class when I was 2 years old but I didn’t get back into it until I was 12
7. I would love to have a fainting goat as a pet some day
8. I was born in Colorado
9. If I could grow a sucessful garden, I would consider that a huge win because the two times I have tried, they failed miserably
10.Coffee. ’nuff said.

1. Nick’s first name is actually James and his middle name is Nicholas, but we call him Nick. Got that?
2. Nick never went to college but has a successful business which he has been involved in for almost 10 years
3. Nick LOVES soccer. He plays on an indoor league and watches the US Men’s team and Europe’s “futbol” religiously
4. Nick+Cheese= can’t have one without the other
5. There is a titanium screw in his right foot from a high school football injury
6. Nick makes fantastic grilled cheese (I told you, you can’t have one without the other)
7. Nick has the most loving and giving heart of anyone I know, he would do anything to help you out
8. Nick is the fastest gun in the west when it comes to killing bugs and spiders for me
9. Nick has never met a stranger, he will go up to anyone and have a conversation with them
10.Nick’s favorite shows are The Office and Burn Notice

So there ya go, feel like you know us yet? Or have you stopped reading because we may be the most boring couple you’ve ever read about?
Either way, this post is an intro into the next phase of this blog. I will still be writing about bringing our Bebe home and keeping you in the know about the goings on, I promise. This transition is basically so you can observe our thoughts, ideas, family, and become a deeper part of bringing Bebe home.
I can’t thank each one of you enough for the love, prayer, and support we have felt over the past year. We really couldn’t be at this point in our adoption without you and we invite you to continue to be included in this story. Remember that saying, “it takes a village”? In general, I’m not a huge fan of how this term is usually used but for us and our story I want to change it to, “it takes a family”. Family is not defined by DNA. It is defined by the love, support, and care shown to and by each individual. So, please, come join this family! We need you!

Bebe– you have no idea how excited we all are to meet you! You already have a fan club and family waiting for you. Be patient as we work hard to bring you home to us!

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