Dear Bebe,

A letter to our precious Bebe,

First of all, do you know how much we love you? Do you know that we talk about you
every day and that we wonder who you are? What color are your eyes and what
makes you smile? If you are our son, will you like sports or trucks better?
If you are our daughter, will you like princesses or animals? We are so excited
to have meet you and love your heart.

We went to Oregon and Washington on our first family trip but it wasn’t the same
knowing you weren’t with us. We thought about you a lot. We thought
about what it’s going to be like to bring you with us next time and
made plans for our first trip we will have together as a complete family.
You can run down the beaches and play hide and seek in the dunes. We can
fly kites high in the sky. We can ride horses and drive bumper cars.
We can play in the ocean,visit lighthouses and go hiking. I am so excited
for when that day comes!
Your Daddy and I prayed for you at this very place when we went for a walk along the beach.


We will visit your Aunt Lynn when we are there! She loves you already and hopes you
have chubby cheeks to kiss 🙂 You will love her, she is fun and goofy and makes amazing
tea, coffee, and scones.


IMG_6236 IMG_6436 IMG_6420 IMG_6181 IMG_6178

We got to visit the AGCI office in Vancouver,WA  and meet the staff who are helping us bring you home! Someday, we will take you to meet them too 🙂


Bebe, we love you to the moon and back and pray for you every day. We are praying that you come home to us soon so we can start our life as a family.


Psalm 97:6
The heavens proclaim His righteousness, and all peoples see His glory.

One thought on “Dear Bebe,

  1. We LOVE you too Bebe & can’t wait to meet you! May The Lord God Almighty keep you safe in His care until then. Lots of Love Poppa J & Nana Mary


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