Every piece of the puzzle counts



We get the following comment a lot, “I always thought adoption would be cool, but it’s SO expensive.”.
One thing is for sure, it truly is! But guess what? A child’s life is priceless and bringing Bebe home to us is worth every penny it will take. That being said, the truth is that it’s going to take a whole lot of pennies to adopt and bring Bebe home to live with us in Iowa.
Yeah, yeah, I know what you are thinking: “Are they really doing this? Asking for $$$?”. The answer is, no, actually we are not. We are confident that the Lord is going to provide everything that is needed to let us be a family and that will be through our savings, grants, and possibly donations.
I actually get asked a lot why adoption is so expensive and prior to starting our journey, I was curious as well.  Let me break it down for you just as the agency had to break it down for me. First, our wonderful agency. We are blessed to be connected with All God’s Children International (AGCI). They are one of the most reputable agencies and have a strong relationship with Bulgaria and both of those things were super important to us when we researched different agencies. There was no getting around paying agency fees (aka the salaries
of the people who would be working with us for at least 3-4 years) if we wanted to avoid scams or fighting the great “paper war” alone. The staff are extremely knowlegable and loving and I am so thankful that they are walking us through each step. AGCI gave us a document with the fee schedule broken down, when the amount is due and what the fee goes to. This opened our eyes to the fact that when there is two countries involved along with two agencies (in our case because AGCI is not local we needed a local agency to do the homestudy and post adoption visits),
AND the travel expenses…there is no wasted money. For example, when we sent the completed application to AGCI last fall, there was a portion of it that went to Orphan care. This means we were able to help support an AGCI orphanage and I think you would agree, that’s pretty cool! Another example is the fee for translation and document processing.
When we sent the completed dossier in April 2015, the officials of Bulgaria need everything to be in Bulgarian so someone needs to be paid for that service and I for one, am happy to do that. 🙂 The items above have been paid for without taking out a loan or applying for grants. God has provided (all by savings, our growing business and some very generous donations) around $13,000 that has already been paid towards the preparation of bringing Bebe
home and we are incredibly grateful.

So, this brings me to the present. We have prayerfully considered all of the options for wisely paying the fees and travel expenses without taking out a loan. I work full time while Nick runs our  business and we are working very hard to be wise with our money and saving as much as possible. I am currently looking into the different grant options which is actually proving to be very time consuming and most are not easy to receive. As I continue to look into grants, Nick and I have been encouraged to provide an option for others to be a part of bringing Bebe home. So what does this mean? FUNDRAISERS!!! This last year I’ve talked to several women who have adopted internationally and was able to get a lot of ideas from them about the
fundraisers that happen to work for them. I so appreciated them not only sharing ideas with me but also encouraging me that this long process is worth it!
Nick and I have decided to do a couple of different fundraisers that we are really excited to tell you about.
Before I go into all that, I want to share a little bit about the amount of money that is needed to
make us a family of three. This estimated amount will cover travel expenses(airfare,lodging,translator fees,transportation,Immigrant Visas from the US Embassy, and even the required medical checkups)Bulgarian service fees, referral medical review by local pediatrician,post adoption reports and fees, and the post adoption home study
visits. Sounds like a lot right? Well, to be honest, yes it is. I have estimated a grand total of between $25,000-40,000. I’m going to be real with you, this is VERY overwhelming! But God has proved Himself time and time again through this journey and I know He will provide.

First, I want to make sure everyone knows that we covet your prayers above anything else. That is and has always been the biggest support we have needed so please, please, PLEASE do not feel obligated to give monetarily. We are so incredibly thankful for your prayer and
encouragement support.

Alright, let’s talk fundraisers. There are a lot of options available and believe me, I have looked at
a large amount of them. Nick and I have chosen to start with an easy and fun one. INTRODUCING: THE PUZZLE FUNDRAISER!!!
We are so excited about this because when you make a minimum donation of $20, your name will be written on the back of one of the puzzle pieces. Once the puzzle is completed we will
frame it with double sided glass and hang it in Bebe’s room so they can see the names of the people who loved our family enough to bring us together. How special will that be pointing to each name and explaining how loved Bebe was even before
they came to live with us?!? We will always be reminded of God’s faithfulness through our family and friends who helped bring our child home, and our child will have a beautiful reminder of all the people that prayed for and helped bring him/her home!
So here’s the recap: we want YOU to be apart our adoption journey! We have set up an adoption donation site that is linked to the bank account that has been set up specifically set up for the adoption. Visit  https://www.youcaring.com/nick-and-beka-wolfe-499690 to see the site and get updates as the fundraiser progresses.

I will also be posting updates on here and our facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Running-into-Your-Arms-Adoption-Wolfe-Adoption-1097606470268222/ to publicly thank each donor by name! We want each person to know they are making a HUGE difference in our families’ life and we appreciate them. 


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