Puzzle progress!

I just wanted to do an update on the progress of the first puzzle and to extend a HUGE thank you to all who have contributed this far!

puzzle 1
1st donations! So exciting!

puzzle 2puzzle 3

flag puzzle
The flag of Bulgaria is on it’s way to being completed!

Remember, each $20 donation equals the name of the donor  written on a puzzle piece and when the puzzles are completed we get to hang them in Bebe’s future bedroom!

3 easy ways to contribute to the adoption:

1.Click here to go directly to the donation site and use the red “Donate Now” button. You can also look at the picture gallery or leave a comment if you would like!

2.Visit a US Bank and make a donation to the fundraiser account for Nick and Rebeka Wolfe. Be sure to tell them it’s a fundraiser account,they should be able to pull up the account number right away!

3.Mail a check!  Contact me or Nick via phone,text, facebook message or leave a comment on the donation site and we would be happy to give you our address. (We are currently in transition and will be moving into our new place next month!)


Thank you to all who have contributed! It’s a blessing and encouragement to us that so many people are as excited as we are to be able to adopt! Your generous donations will help with the costs of traveling to Bulgaria (twice!),paperwork, and the adoption itself! Again, THANK YOU!!!IMG_1490.PNG



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