Pictures and updates!

Hello to all of you wonderful people! How is it April already?!? And why have I allowed all of this time to go by without posting? I really do apologize. Ok, instead of writing paragraphs about the last couple of months, I’m going to use pictures with short captions to bring you up to speed, sound good? GOOD!

But first, here are a couple things that are happening with the adoption:

  1. Our new home study has officially begun! If we had stayed in Tennessee, we would have only had to do an update but since we moved, a brand new home study was required. BUT, since most of our information was current, our home study agency is allowing us to use almost everything from the previous one. What did that mean for me? NO PAPER CHASES!!! We did have to re do our criminal background checks again for Tennessee and Iowa but it was no big deal and it took 2 weeks to get the documents we needed. We do still meet with our case worker for interviews and the home visit but other than that, this time around has been easy peasy!
  2. Job and home update: Getting a job right away was a huge prayer request that was actually answered right before we moved in December. My job in Knoxville offered me a remote position so I get to work from home! I LOVE IT and am so blessed and grateful. Speaking of home, we have been in our apartment for a little over a month now. My parents were gracious enough to let us stay with them for our first couple of months while we decided what we wanted to do. We did start the home searching process with a realtor but it didn’t make sense to rush into anything so we started looking into apartments. We found a BRAND NEW complex 2 minutes from my sister’s house and 5 minutes from my parent’s. We absolutely love it and besides the perks of being close to family, it’s walking distance from the local ice cream shop AND has a gym to offset the said ice cream shop 🙂

OK! Picture time!



Nick and I have gained a nephew since living here! Ryker Josiah Prignitz was born to my older sister Aubrie and her husband, Matt on January 1st. He is the most smiley and laid back kid ever and tells me all the time that  I’m his favorite aunt (sorry Bethany! 🙂 )

Speaking of nephews, Nick and I get to see our nephews and nieces a lot more now that we live here. We were finally able to get an updated picture of my side of the family when Bethany was visiting a couple of months ago. Ava and Lincoln (my late brother Josiah’s kiddos) are 10 and 7 and Karis and Gabby are 10 and 8. My sister Aubrie’s daughter Payson is 20 months and of course, baby Ryker 🙂
We went to visit Alex and Lindsay over Easter in Dallas and had a BLAST. 3 words can accurately describe the trip: food, laughter, WALKING. We’re already planning another trip later this summer 🙂


table and chairside table

PROJECTS! I read somewhere that projects are a great thing to do during the adoption  waiting periods. Moving into a new place gave us that opportunity so we took full advantage. The dining room table turned out to be way more time consuming then I anticipated but thanks to my awesome husband it turned out AMAZING! My mom helped me with re-upholstering the newly painted chairs (Thanks, Momma!), didn’t they turn out great? (I am a little bias, I know). More pictures to come of other projects, including something for Bebe’s room!

Last but not least, an update on our fundraisers!

Payson helping me with the puzzle pieces that have names of the latest people who donated on them! She kept reaching for more to write names on, so I think she’s already thinking about future blessings so she can meet her Bulgarian cousin 🙂

Learn more about this fundraiser here


You may have seen on Facebook that we are putting together a Yard Sale fundraiser on May 13-14th. Super easy concept: Instead of hauling your unwanted stuff to Goodwill, let us try to sell it first! All proceeds will go towards bringing Bebe home and  you don’t have to do a thing. Unless you want to come out and get some great deals at the yard sale, of course! And bring your friends and family too! 🙂

As always, we thank each person who has supported us with prayer or through a financial gift. We are humbled by your generosity and love!

To sweet Bebe- I know it seems like we are taking FOREVER to come meet you and bring you home, but I promise we are doing everything we can to make the process go faster and we praying for you every day! Mommy and Daddy are sending you hugs and kisses all the way from Iowa!


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