This blog post title is exactly where we are at in the adoption process right now. We were really hoping and praying that 2017 would be the year we would at least get a referral (match) call, but as December begins, we are 99% sure that won’t happen. So, on to 2018 hopes and prayers!

As you might have seen on our adoption FaceBook page (a couple months ago), we completed our 3rd homestudy (yearly renewal) and are now sending it into the Department of Homeland Security US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) for them to approve another year of waiting for a child. This basically allows us to travel to and from Bulgaria and bring Bebe to the good old USA on that special second trip. Obviously, it’s important to keep that uptodate 🙂

To prove we are not making this paperwork thing up, I’m including a couple of pictures 🙂


This picture is a couple pages of a 10 page medical list that we have now completed and re-completed (is that a word?!?) 4 times. It may not look overwhelming but I am here to tell you, it’s one of the most overwhelming documents we have to do. Basically, they ask you to check the medical conditions you may be willing to accept if the child you are matched with has a special need. Now, I know I’ve explained to many of you that Nick and I are only “cleared” through our homestudy for more conservative special needs, so why a detailed checklist?!? Great question. We have been told that because medical record information might be roughly translated from Bulgarian to English and sometimes it’s not entirely clear what/if problem there might be. Whatever the reason, this list is the most heart breaking and mentally exhausting task I have done in this process. Imagine reading the medical realities and challenges that your child (whom you have not met yet) might have and trying to “choose” what things your family “is ok with”. I challenge you: read through one of the pages in the picture and think about “choosing” what you may/may not want your child to have. If you don’t tear up and feel a pit in your stomach, you must be a way stronger person than me.  Which, is totally fine because I know the older I get, the more emotional I am becoming 🙂 I felt led to share this because I haven’t been honest enough of how emotionally taxing this process has been. Trust me, I don’t want to talk about it but I did start this blog to be honest and informational so consider this a step in that direction 😉


medical list pic

This picture contains a copy of our newest homestudy, our previous USCIS approval letter, and the application for renewing at USCIS. Once USCIS receives these documents, they will send us a request to have our finger prints done (that makes about the 8th round of fingerprints for us) to send to the FBI. Yup, the FBI is in on this too. Side note, you would think a common database for state/federal governments would have been thought of by now. I mean, it IS 2017, people. *Eye roll* (I say this all in good fun because almost 3 years into this, Nick and I just laugh at the inefficient way everything is handled. It’s all we can do.)

So, in short, more paperwork being sent off tomorrow and the wait goes on.

We covet your continued prayers and of course, the love, support, and questions you give us! Keep ’em coming!


turkey trot.jpg

^ I talked Nick into doing a 5K on Thanksgiving with me. He beat me. With no training. Go figure. *Last eye roll of the blog* 🙂


One thought on “Wait.Paperwork.Repeat.

  1. God bless you and Nick on your journey to finding your baby. You two are the most amazing individuals I have ever had the pleasure to meet. God has a plan for you and when that day comes I know it will be amazing!


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