What’s in a Name?

We get asked quite often if we will change the name of our child or keep their Bulgarian name. Are you curious too?

Well, let me first say that there many opinions on this subject and we are still leaving room to the possibility of changing our minds once we are matched with Bebe. They may have been given a name we love and in that case we may keep it or move it to a middle name.
BUT….we are pretty sure we will change their name and here’s why:
Adoption is both a messy and beautiful event. The past, present, and future of a child and family suddenly collide into new memories and way of life (a new normal). The child might be seeing a family unit for the first time and the thought of only having 2 care takers (after months/years of being passed around) is foreign and scary. Their sense of belonging has not been awakened yet. They haven’t had someone lovingly say, “you are mine and I will not leave you” to them. They’ve never had family pictures taken. They have never heard, “Wolfe, party of 3”. They will be feeling security for the first time.
So, part of our reasoning behind changing their name is to allow for some “normalcy” in their life. Parents name their babies (before or after) when they are born, right? Well, Bebe gets to be born in our hearts when we meet them for the first time. I imagine there will be crying from all 3 of us just like in the delivery room;) Naming someone reflects care, love, intentionality, a feeling of acceptance and of hope. We want Bebe to know we thoughtfully chose their name and called them by name before we knew them.
We also have some pretty special people in our life who have gone to be with Jesus before Bebe will join our family and we desire to honor them through namesakes.
Are you ready for the great name(s) reveal?!? Here it goes! ***Disclaimer: although we value your thoughts on most subjects, we ask that negative opinions about the names not be shared with us. Thank you for understanding and being respectful in advance!
If Bebe is a boy💙:
Ezekiel {God will strengthen} Josiah {Yahweh supports} Wolfe. Josiah is my big brother who passed away from cancer in 2010. He never got to see his sisters get married or meet his niece and nephew so his name will be used in memory of his life.    
We will either call him Zeke or E.J. for short. 
If Bebe is a girl💕:
Shiloh {Tranquil, peaceful, the one to whom it belongs} Kimberly {ruler}. Nick’s mom Kim passed in 2015 from cancer and was a huge supporter in the early years of our adoption journey. Her beautiful name will be used in honor and memory of her life.
My (almost) 4 year old niece Payson is convinced Bebe is a girl and has already made plans for sharing her toys with “Shiloh”…since there is a higher chance we will be matched with a boy, I’m hoping she won’t be too disappointed or confused if her cousin turns out to be Zeke instead 😂
🇧🇬Update on progress: there were 3 families from our agency  matched with kids last month! That’s both exciting for them and for us since we now see things moving along! If you missed our last post about what’s been happening in Bulgaria, read it  here. 
🙏🏻 Also, Nick and I are renewing our homestudy in November and have some decisions we are praying through. Please pray with us! Details later 🙂

2 thoughts on “What’s in a Name?

  1. Reading this made me smile. 2 years ago we had a little girl come into our life unexpectedly from a distant relative who could not take care of her. She was just 1 years old at the time. We were at dinner one night when we had learned that there was a high possibility that we would be able to adopt her. My husband and I both had the same question. Do we get to pick her name just as we had the rest of our kids. Kids love hearing stories of how we came up with their names. We would not have a story to tell with hers. (We have 5 other children). In that moment we decided that yes, we would change her name. Changing her name was a way of us saying goodbye to the scary childhood she had before. It was a way of her knowing she belonged in our family. It was a way of giving my husband and I getting to go through the same thing every other family does when you find out your expecting. It was a way that says – we chose you and you are part of our family. Now she is ours, her name has meaning to our family and she is one of us. We are her forever family. She completed us!


  2. I love both of the names, we have a family that lives in our little town who adopted a 5 yr. old from China, they had unique girl names in their family, so they decided to give her a name so she would feel like she truly was a part of the family. No matter if a person who adopts chooses to change their child’s name or not, is the choice of the parents. The most amazing thing in adopting a child is the love that child receives for the rest of their life. You guys are among some of the most amazing people who choose to adopt and give these blessings from God a wonderful life.


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