Activewear For Adoption

I know, I know, what’s up with the title?

Well, let me tell you allllll about it!

For those of you who don’t know me on a personal level, I have a simple list of things I love.


2.My husband/future baby Zeke or Shiloh and adoption in general

3.My family and friends

4. FITNESS. Running and Crossfit are my jam annnnnnd who doesn’t love the clothes that go along with fitness?!?

(See? Simple is RIGHT.)

#4 brings me to an amazing opportunity that a friend brought to me a couple weeks ago. She contacted me about a company that allows for reps to market their activewear and grow within the company. Um, that would be a big fat YES on my part! *insert raise the roof hands here*

I started researching the company and bombarded my friend with 1,000 questions. I was SO impressed. But, there was something that weighed on my heart. And I couldn’t get rid of it. So here it is: I felt like the Lord impressed on my heart to use this opportunity to fully fund our adoption. Wait, what? Build a team and sell amazing clothes to bring Zeke or Shiloh home? That’s exactly right! ALL COMMISSIONS will go straight to our adoption bank account that we use only for adoption-related expenses.

So why am I writing a post on this? Well, I need your help in a couple of areas:

1. Are you like me and every time you go to a store you head straight to the activewear section? Consider checking out my website and try something new! They have styles for all activities: running, lifting, Crossfit, yoga, walking, and if you’re like me, a Target run 😉

2.Want to earn some rewards to get some items free or discounted? Host a party for me! I can do both Facebook AND in-home parties (pending location 😉 ) and they are FABULOUS! Ask me about hosting!!

3.What? You want to know more about becoming a teammate to build your own business? Or you know someone who does? Awesome! Email me:  or reach out on Instagram/Facebook and I would love to talk!

4.Share share share. My Facebook, Instagram, and website are below as well as on the Adoption Resources page of this blog. PLEASE SHARE with everyone you know.


Instagram: Activewearforadoption_zyia

Facebook: Beka Wolfe

Facebook group: Activewearforadoption with Beka

Website: Activewear For Adoption

One of my favorite outfits from Zyia! 

As you can tell, I’m very excited about this new adventure and Nick has been my #1 cheerleader to follow my passions. We greatly appreciate you continuing to follow our adoption journey as it continues to bring new opportunities along the way!

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