Bulgaria [Photographed]

I have no updates buuuuut I thought this was pretty cool. About 10 years ago, my older sister, Aubrie, lived in DC and met Julia. My younger sister, Bethany,  and I went to visit Aubrie and met Julia and became FaceBook friends. Fast forward to last week when I saw an Instagram picture that Julia had posted and guess where she was?!? BULGARIA! I immediately messaged her and she kindly agreed to provide some pictures of her trip so I could share them on my blog! So, here are a couple snapshots that I thought were too beautiful not to post!

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, Sofia
Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, Sofia BG
Black Sea



Sunflower field in Varna


I can’t wait to take and share pictures when we go there! Although, there will be more pictures of a sweet little face rather than scenery 😉

Keep praying for movement in kiddos being matched with families! I keep reminding myself, “My God’s timing is perfect. He will never be late or early, only right on time for the good of my life” 🙂

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