Traveling to Bulgaria!

Hello friends!

Nick and I (plus 3 very large bags full of the socks you donated!) started our travels at 12pm from the Des Moines Airport to Detroit. Then, Detroit to Amsterdam! We landed here in Amsterdam at 5:45am and have a 4hr layover until our flight to Sofia. We talked about taking the train into the city to explore buuuuut neither of us slept on the flight and we decided against dealing with having to go through security again 😮. So, I’m sitting here drinking my $5 coffee literally watching the airport coming alive. It’s so fun to hear all of the different languages! I haven’t traveled abroad since 2007 and this is Nick’s first time. I forgot how wonderful international traveling is! I mean, any time I get to watch movies and get fed every 2 hrs, I’m 100% ok with that!

Soon we will be in Sofia!!! Pictures to come later!

Thank you for all the continued prayers!

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