We went to Bulgaria! {in October}

Happy December, all! 

Yes, I realize I haven’t posted since we got back from Bulgaria. And really the only excuse I have for that is LIFE. I know you can all relate. The last couple months of the year seem to fly by with packed out days/nights/weekends. 

First I want to say THANK YOU! I don’t feel like we say it enough. Each encouraging word, like/love on Facebook, message, call, and note mean so much to us. A lot of you have been on this journey with us since fall 2014 so you are just as invested as we are! We definitely felt the love and prayers while we were in Bulgaria in October. We had a blast inviting you along for the week through videos and pictures. By the way, I owe you some more pictures:

While in Sofia, we were blessed to start friendships with Mary, Shawn, Natalie, Chris, and Maryia! Friendships that will be life-long for sure! 

Natalie and Shawn (and their son Chris) have lived in Sofia for 3 years and serve the people of the city. They give and love selflessly and my eyes were opened to a side of Christ I had never experienced before. Please consider helping support this amazing family! They have a photography business and you can order beautiful pictures! All proceeds go towards their living expenses and ministry! Purchase Bulgaria Photos

I’m still processing everything we saw. 

-A beautiful old country still coming out of the ugliness of communism 

-A culture full of tradition and kind hearted people 

-Hearing a language that I don’t understand but for the first time I desire to learn a new language so I can communicate effectively as we plan to make more trips along with the adoption!

-Driving through tiny villages and seeing more than half of the buildings vacant or fall apart 

-Realizing I take so much for granted

-Freedom (or lack thereof). Right now they are trying to change laws in Bulgaria to remove religious freedom. It has been pretty intense there since we got back.

Here is a link to read more.


I tear up even pulling memories for this part of the post. 

I want to be clear and up front about this part. Neither Nick or myself had ever been to an orphanage. Surprising since we are adopting, right? The emotions hit me while I was there, while we drove away, while we did the live FB video that night, and even now as I sit in a coffee shop writing this. There are children, every age and size, living in a giant building with dozens of other children and some care takers. They might have parents and extended family but because of varied circumstances, they are not with them. Or their family is unknown and the only people they have are within the walls of that building. That’s their “family”. Now, most of these precious kiddos are fed, clothed, and sent to school. But here’s the deal. That doesn’t come close to being apart of a family. I could see it in their eyes: hope that someone would WANT them. Hope that I would take their little hands and walk with them. Hope that I would play with them. Hope that they could crawl on my lap and be held close. There were even times when they pushed each other out of the way to get just a moment of attention from us. God created us to have relationship and these littles souls need healthy family units to care for them. Seeing this with my own eyes has even more pushed me to advocate for them to be adopted. I want to challenge you to think about how you can help. Praying, supporting, or taking the step towards adoption are all important parts. Everyone’s circumstances are different but everyone should do something! 

I wish I could post pictures of their beautiful faces but someday I’ll have pictures to post of our own sweet Bulgarian child (or maybe children?!?) soooo you’ll have to wait until then!

Next post coming soon, we attended the 2018 Hope conference a couple weekends ago and I’m so excited to share about it!





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