Granted Hope


If you remember a couple posts ago, I shared that Nick and I had gone to an adoption conference called Hope. This encouraging conference was put on by a non profit called Beauty Amidst the Ashes and we have been truly blessed by both the foundation and staff! Beauty Amidst the Ashes (BATA) supports adoption/foster care families with education, community, and financially through grants. Read more on their website Beauty Amidst the Ashes. One of the ways they raise funds for the adoption grant is by selling two of my favorite things: comfy shirts and coffee! Click here to shop and consider helping in this way!



OK, onto some super exciting news! Nick and I are absolutely thrilled to announce that we were one of the families chosen for a Beauty Amidst the Ashes grant! Carl, Diana, and Peggy (the staff/founders at BATA) pulled off a huge surprise when they showed up at a coffee shop to tell us! It was such a humbling surprise and they totally caught us off guard. The generous grant is going to relieve some upcoming adoption fees and we are so incredibly grateful. This grant made such a difference in our adoption journey that we had the opportunity to thank donors and share our story with the BATA crew! See the pictures below!

Curious about how you can give so you can make a difference in an adoption journey?  Click here to read more: Adoption Grant

There is also a Banquet Dinner & Dessert Auction coming up on March 9th! We would love to see you there!


Nick and I want to thank each of you for extending love and support after my previous post,   We are doing well and trusting that God is working behind the scenes putting our family together 🙂 I do want to reinforce that I did not write that post to cause people to think our adoption journey is at a standstill or that there is any anger towards any group of people we have been working with. We 100% believe God is in control and He is orchestrating everything out for our good. If you have any concerns or questions, please feel free to reach out so I can clarify anything.

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