{Shiloh Sofiya}


That’s right! We have an absolutely beautiful  2 1/2 year DAUGHTER waiting for us in Bulgaria!

October 8th is a date we will remember the rest of our lives. Along with several other important dates that I’ll talk about later. There is a long story to share about everything that has come about since that October evening and it’s important to us you know about the brokenness,tears, heartache, excitement, highs, and lows, behind the picture above. These faces show happiness but oh, the other emotions that were felt within 7 weeks.

But for now, WE HAVE A DAUGHTER and we are going to rejoice in all that God has done through the 3 of us becoming a family!

So, we’ve been matched….NOW WHAT???

Well, as I type this, we are sitting at the Minneapolis airport waiting for our flight to Paris and after that, SOFIA, BULGARIA!

Here’s some important details we want YOU to know! Because, well, if you’re reading this…chances are you’ve been following our adoption journey for quite some time and you deserve to have a glimpse into this special trip!

Speaking of trips, did you know we travel to Bulgaria twice? Yup! I’m only going to talk about the first trip right now though so here’s the dealio! (Disclaimer: we are not able to bring Shiloh home on this trip because we will not have permission from USCIS to bring her out of Bulgaria and into the USA…each adoption country has different guidelines and Bulgaria does 2 short trips instead of 1 long one.)

1st TRIP: December 14th-23rd (We are only technically with the adoption group the 15th-20th but we are staying a bit longer to visit with our sweet friends, Natalie & Shawn Key and Mariya Popova 🙂 )

Today (Saturday December 14th): A lot of coffee, people watching, get on a flight, get off a flight, REPEAT 😉

Tomorrow (Sunday December 15th): Arrive in Sofia, BG around 2:00pm (their time, they are 8 hours ahead of CST just FYI). VESTA (provides translator, car, hotel stay, paperwork) meets us at the airport and takes us to our apartment (AirBNB) for Sunday night in Sofia.

Monday: Our translator will drive us to the city that Shiloh lives in (about 2 1/2 hrs away). It is customary to meet with the orphanage director for tea and questions. It’s a great way to ask about Shiloh’s life until this point—routine, family, health concerns—as well as a great way for the director and staff to get to know about us personally. We will be seeing them every day until Friday!  After we meet with the director, they will either bring Shiloh to us or take us to her. *insert all the tears and ugly crying here*

We are prepared for her to be scared of us…so get that thought of fairy tail happy reunion out of your (and our!) head. She literally has NO IDEA who we are and why we want to be close to her. Think about it: Nick and I have prayed for her, studied her pictures, videos, medical documents, and researched the best ways to help her for 2 months (not to mention the 4 1/2 year wait before that!)…to say we are attached is an understatement. But Shiloh Sofiya’s life has been pretty much been unchanged for most of her life and now 2 strangers show up…who don’t speak her language! Lol! Can you imagine??

Monday-Thursday we will visit with her during the day and bond with her as much as possible before we have to leave on Thursday evening. I know what you’re thinking, “Well, that’s stupid! Why do they make you leave her?!?” As I said earlier, each country chooses the best time period for them and this is how Bulgaria has been doing it for years and it works! Understand, yes she is “ours” but she’s not a US citizen and doesn’t have a passport. That all happens on the second trip. Long story short: Shiloh will NOT be coming home with us on this trip.

Please continue to pray for us (including Shiloh!!) each day as I know there will be challenges, emotions, and everything in between.  We will try to keep this blog updated as much as possible but please feel free to add us on FB where most of our posting will happen: Nick Wolfe, Beka Wolfe, or Running Into Your Arms Adoption-Wolfe Adoption page.

The amount of love and support we have felt this week has been INCREDIBLE. Thank you for being apart of  her story!


Wolfe party of 3 🙂



5 thoughts on “{Shiloh Sofiya}

  1. So many feels ❤ Wisconsin is covering you 3 in prayers and love! Absolutely so excited to see the rest of this love story unfold! ❤


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