Catch up via Facebook posts☀️

Back in January, Nick and I decided to update our friends and family via our FACEBOOK ADOPTION PAGE. This has made me lazy when it comes to update our blog! I’m so sorry!

So here are a couple of FB posts starting from the earliest:

Feb. 12, 2020

🧐So, whatcha been up too?!
Since Bulgaria is a 2-trip country, we’ve known there would be a gap of time between meeting Shiloh and bringing her home. Believe me, 4-5 months is nothing compared to the 4-5 years we’ve waited 😜
The first couple of weeks we were home was full of holidays (we got home December 23rd) and family so we didn’t get back into a routine until the first week of January…that’s kinda how it always goes, right?
✅January 6th-29th: Paperwork galore! But this time, Shiloh’s name was on some of the documents! So much more fun that way 🥰
✅February (so far):
1.Shiloh’s room is coming along! Don’t worry, I’ll be showing some glimpses of it soon!
2.At this point, Nick and I have officially watched the videos of Shiloh 1,254,000 times…🤪
3.We are enjoying “us” time and have a grasp on the reality that our world is about to change drastically 😍
4.I’m working on some projects (you’ll find out soon!) with sharing both our adoption story and our business, Activewear for Adoption, that has helped fund our adoption. My organizational side is in full swing as I think about how I can manage my team, business, being a momma, and using our story for God’s glory to help other’s in their adoption story.

And of course, drinking lots of coffee. Well, I am, anyway ☕️

Feb. 16, 2020

🌎2 months ago, you walked through the door to our hearts🌎

Shiloh, our hearts would never be the same after meeting you on December 16th 2019.
You had no idea the days, weeks, months, and years of praying for you. You probably woke up that morning not aware that two very excited people were driving 2 hours to meet you. Meanwhile, your parents couldn’t sleep the night before(we have the pictures and stories to prove it!). You had no idea why your kind caretaker was leading you out of the room you were playing in, down the hall, and through the door of a room full of strangers. I remember you peeking around the corner of the open door and bravely walking in. I could tell you were a little scared and unsure(that’s ok! We were too!) but with the confidence and coaxing of your caretaker, you walked up to us and looked us straight in the eyes. You cautiously touched our hands (and our hearts) and then caught sight of the shelf of toys beside us. You let us put some toys beside us and you squatted down to check them out. I don’t know what you were thinking, but all I could think of was, “this is a moment I’ll remember the rest of my life. All is right in my world. God made us a family.”
You and Daddy were buddies right away. You loved his energy(let’s get real, everyone does!) and the connection was sweet to watch.
It wasn’t until day 3 that you let us hold and cuddle you. And that’s ok! We wanted you to take as long as you needed. Throughout the week, you showed us how faithful God was in the details and how He had been caring for you long before we knew you.

Shiloh, two months ago we met the daughter we had prayed for and that was YOU.

1 Samuel 1:27 “For this child I prayed, and the Lord has granted me my petition that I made to him.”

Feb. 24, 2020

📚 Adoption education comes in many forms.
Most agencies require basic classes (online or in person) and books completed at the beginning of the home study/dossier(for international) process. Then, you (as the future adoptive parent) start googling more resources. You’ll come up with books to read, YouTube’s on specific topics, Instagrams to follow (each with their own opinions and experiences) and SO MANY articles and podcasts! I know what you’re thinking, “isn’t that what happens when you get pregnant and are ready to become a parent?!” Well, yes! Absolutely! Every parent wants to love and raise their child “correctly”, that doesn’t change. Something that may be a little different in the adoption world are the tricky conversations and challenges that come with raising children from hard places (Connected Child is a must read!) that adoptive parents need to navigate. Nick and I are currently finishing a course that is preparing us for trip #2 and the transition to parenting Shiloh (think about this, she has NO idea we are waiting for her! She is going to be confused when we show up ready to love her and she’s all like, “whoa…who are you again?!”).We are also digging into some podcasts and books specially on bonding and attachment for helpful tools!
In closing, Happy Monday, friends! We will just be over here on the couch, trying to wrap our brains around being parents 🥰🤪🤗

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