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March 1 2020 Can you see how excited we are?!? Our court documents were APPROVED by a Bulgarian judge on Friday!!! Yay!!! What does this mean? Well, when we will receive a court decree in about 2 weeks, we can BOOK OUR FLIGHTS! It’s looking like end of March/April we will going to bring Shiloh home 🥰 We will keep you up to date on that for sure!

March 5 2020

Y’all, it’s getting more real. Here’s what’s been going on:
📱 3 out of 3 required phone calls with social workers over the last 3 days
📚 Completed 30+ of adoption education
📝 Writing packing lists and “to do before Shiloh comes home” lists (things like, “install car seat” and “fill freezer with meals” are the on the list😂)
☀️ Trip to California for both business and toddlermoon. So thankful for this time together before this duo turns into a trio!
🗣 Talking through what the 2nd trip might bring—both expected and unexpected adventures
👨‍👩‍👧 Realizing we may be either in Bulgaria or traveling this time next month 🤗

Stick with us friends, it’s about to get CRAZY!

March 19 2020

📣I interrupt the craziness that is our world, to bring you THE COMPLETED PUZZLE!!!
YOU helped us piece this together and raise Shiloh’s plane ticket is all ready to book! (Now, if only we were allowed to travel 😭😭😭)
Nevertheless, THANK YOU! Each puzzle piece has a name on it, that’s 252 names that she gets to grow up seeing 🥰 Friends, that is so very special.
🌍 Ok, how many of you guessed the completed picture was a map? 🤔🙋🏻‍♀️ I may or may not be obsessed with maps and globes..just wait until you see Shiloh’s room 🤗

May 8 2020

🌎We’ve received so many sweet texts and messages checking in on us as we continue to wait for the green light to travel. We are grateful 💜
So I’m gonna get real with you all, as uncomfortable as it makes me and it probably will make you uncomfortable too. Nick and I have made a commitment to show the realness of our adoption so you’re getting the good, bad, and the ugly from the Wolfe’s.
⬇️But here we go.
It’s rough. It’s emotionally exhausting. We laugh at her giggles in her videos from our visit. We cry wondering if she remembers us as the months drag on. We feel stuck in the same season we thought we were moving on from. We are thankful we are as far along in the Bulgarian court process as we are. I get mad at everyone’s opinions about COVID-19(that one might make some of you angry) and am sick of all of the complaining. I struggle between thinking we are the only ones suffering and knowing we are not. See? I told you we have had alllllll the feels and emotions.
But then 2 things usually happen:

  1. God fills us with joy and peace and we KNOW He is at work in all of this crazy town world.
  2. One of you wonderful people reaches out, sends a card, calls, or leaves a thoughtful gift, to let us know our Shiloh is not forgotten and we are being prayed for.

So there ya have it. We’re still waiting. God is still faithful. And you are still loving and supportive 💜💜💜

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