More FB posts…

March 1 2020 Can you see how excited we are?!? Our court documents were APPROVED by a Bulgarian judge on Friday!!! Yay!!! What does this mean? Well, when we will receive a court decree in about 2 weeks, we can BOOK OUR FLIGHTS! It’s looking like end of March/April we will going to bring Shiloh [...]

How to spot someone who is adopting internationally…

You know you’re adopting internationally when: 🌎 Piles of documents take over almost every flat surface in your house (yes, I’m’s just a ridiculous amount of paperwork!) 🌎 You anxiously await the mail for Immigration paperwork daily and celebrate when they arrive 🌟 🌎 You get your finger prints done...AGAIN🕵🏻‍♂️ 🌎 You send said [...]

{Shiloh Sofiya}

That’s right! We have an absolutely beautiful  2 1/2 year DAUGHTER waiting for us in Bulgaria! October 8th is a date we will remember the rest of our lives. Along with several other important dates that I’ll talk about later. There is a long story to share about everything that has come about since that [...]

Guest Blog: The Messers Adopt!

Hello friends! I am soooooo excited to introduce my sweet and amazing friends, Kelsi and Andrew Messer.  You have probably heard me say that the adoption world is small. Just how small, you ask? Kelsi and I met at a vendor event for our businesses and since "Adoption" is in the name of my activewear [...]

Granted Hope

  If you remember a couple posts ago, I shared that Nick and I had gone to an adoption conference called Hope. This encouraging conference was put on by a non profit called Beauty Amidst the Ashes and we have been truly blessed by both the foundation and staff! Beauty Amidst the Ashes (BATA) supports [...]

All The Emotions

Alright, friends. In short, from November to today, it's been quite the ride. A lot of you have been with us since day 1 of our adoption journey so I felt it only right to be transparent about whats been going on. Please know that we were not allowed to post anything on social media [...]

1,111 Days

 1,111 Days. We are exactly 3 years paperwork pregnant! Ok, in all reality we are 4 years paperwork pregnant but our doessier and immigration was approved in December 2015. Apparently, they don’t count the months of running around Iowa and Tennessee gathering documents. Soooooo how are we doing, you ask? I’m not going to sugar [...]